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Meet the updated “Public speaking” training!

“Public speaking is needed in order to help people make a certain decision, but the most important thing is to get drive, feedback from a large number of people who perceived the value they were given.”

A. Khovratov

Probably every person dreamed and imagined themself performing on stage in front of a large audience. Bathing in applause, experiencing delight and hearing the cries of “bravo”.

The ability to perform successfully and brightly, emotionally and convincingly, masterfully control the audience, its attention and mood is a real art.

“Public speaking” training – an online course with the best oratory practices in the world – “Public speaking: in life and online.” The author of the course is a real professional of public speaking, actor and director Igor Nezovibatko.

The course consists of 6 lessons aimed at making you a Genius of the Word, and is now available to absolutely all Evorich clients and partners! Choose the level that’s right for you and begin your journey to public speaking success and excellence:

  • “Public speaking” training Basic – online course (6 lessons)
  • “Public speaking” training Professional – online course (6 lessons) + 3 group lessons, 50 places available
  • “Public speaking” training Individual – online course (6 lessons) + 3 individual lessons with Igor Nezovibatko, only 5 free places!

What our partners, who have already completed the “Public speaking” course from Igor Nezovibatko, say:

“Igor is a really great instructor, he is enthusiastic about what he teaches and is patient with students, pushing us out of our comfort zone with encouragement and great support.”

Salma Al Khalasi

“I highly recommend this course as it not only teaches teamwork but also provides individual progress. Many thanks to our coach Igor for building our confidence and sharing his secrets of effective communication.”

Ruta Dolbear

“My experience with Igor in the Public speaking training was amazing. I have received so many useful things and apply all the recommendations to improve myself as a speaker. “

Carmen Walker

If you are developing a MLCI business – this training is for you! Become a master of words, learn how to convey information to people correctly and unleash your hidden potential.

Become a master of words in 6 intensive lessons

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Meet the updated “Public speaking” training!

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