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“Game of Life”: Increasing Your Chances of Success in 2022

The new year 2022 has come and all social networks are filled with new ambitious plans and goals from people who want to start life from scratch or reach new achievements.

Everyone has different goals. Some dream of breaking out of the “rat race”, others – to get the opportunity to travel, others still – to find their life’s work or accumulate capital. One thing is clear – multilevel crowdinvesting is the trend direction that will make 2022 a turning point for everyone and help in the successful implementation of most plans.

Are you ready to take a “quantum leap” in your development and make the next year a masterpiece?

Then see you at “Game of Life” – a new interactive transformational training from Evorich Top-Leaders, which starts on January 29 at 15:00 Moscow time*!

*The start of the training has been postponed from January 15 to January 29 in order to enable as many people as possible to take it.

Who absolutely needs to be here:

  • who wants to save from 4 to 10 years of their life and get the result in just 11 months;
  • who wants to raise their inner potential and realize it by 100%;
  • who wants to become an example for their family and team and leave the circle of unrealized opportunities forever;
  • who wants to earn from $400,000 to $1,000,000 in 11 months (from January 15 to December 22, 2022);
  • who wants to be at EVENTI 2022 in Cancun (Mexico) in the status of “President” and with a team of 100 to 1000 “Consultants” and higher in the structure;
  • who wants to go on a cruise on a liner in the Caribbean in December 2022, surrounded by successful partners with the status of “Manager” and above;
  • who wants to enter the GoPro Hall of Fame in 2022;
  • who is ready to become a member of the Evorich Presidential Council.


Andrey Khovratov, Armands Murnieks, Mila Serdyukova – all those who have already traveled this path in practice, have become the best of the best and know exactly what you need to do.

The ”Game of Life” training is all you need to bypass all the traps on the way to your goals and speed up the implementation of your plans.

P.S. Everyone who has already paid for participation will receive an individual registration link the day before the start of the training. And for those who are still thinking, we extend the favorable price until January 15 – the cost of participation is just 180 UNT.

Sign up for the “Game of Life”

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“Game of Life”: Increasing Your Chances of Success in 2022

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